Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Zoo and the Highlight

On our 3rd day in San Diego we wanted to take the girls to the beach. We didn't want to drive too far so we tried to go to Mission Bay. There was not one place to park anywhere and then when we did find a place we hadn't eaten or gotten any towels. We walked about 10 feet on the sand and then bagged it. There was LOTS of seaweed anyway. So, we went back to the hotel and went swimming in pool. It was a nice break from all the walking.

The next day we went to the San Diego Zoo. That Zoo is HUGE! We saw as many of the exhibits as we could. Some of them were on the tour bus. After walking all day we all needed to sit on the bus for a while. They also have a sky ride that the girls loved. We took that right at dusk and it was gorgeous!

The girls standing out front of the zoo while Marc bought our tickets.

Marc and the girls on the tour bus.

Lexie got to do a Kangaroo jump. She played on this for a long time. She got really good at doing back flips. She couldn't figure out how to flip forward though.

Kellie and Lexie on a sculpture of a Cheetah. There were SO many people around at this exhibit that I didn't get a good picture.

Sea World was the highlight of our trip!
I hadn't been there since I was about 6, (I think) and Marc was 4 last time he went to Sea World. What a fun place to go! No, it can't be compared to Disney but it was really fun. Its amazing how they can get those animals to do the flips and spins and all that.

Marc and the girls at the Dolphin Show.

One of the reasons Sea World was the highlight is because Marc and Lexie got to interact with the Dolphins. I wanted to go too but Kellie was too young and of course we had Abbie with us. So, Marc and Lexie were the lucky ducks that got to do this.

I took this picture of them as they were walking down the ramp to the pools.
Sea World provided the wet suits and the footie's. They also had robes and towels for them to shower off after.

I also took this one. But see the guy to the left he and 2 other guys took the rest. Then you could buy the pictures they took. But they took great shots so we had to get them.

Do you think I have something to worry about?
Lexie told me after that she still had the taste in her mouth from kissing the dolphin.

They danced too.

Then they got to make them jump and spin.

This one was walking I think.

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  1. Wow, a life long dream of mine and lexie already did it. Lucky lucky girl. Sallie, I am so glad you are blogging, it's so fun to keep up with you guys!


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