Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Day 2 of our Trip we decided to go to Disneyland.
We weren't going to go this time, but who can
resist being that close and not going?

Marc, Lexie, and Kellie on the Teacup ride.

The Girls in front of Sleeping Beauty's Castle.
The park was getting ready for the fireworks.

Lexie and Kellie in Goofy's car.

Grandma Janie wanted a picture with the girls in this car.
She has one with my brothers kids too.

Grandma Janie, Kellie, and Abbie on the Disneyland train.

Lexie and Kellie taking a lunch break. I had to post this one because
most of the pictures I have of Kellie she is pulling a face.
Here she is just smiling cute. I had to prove she can do it.
We had a ton of fun at Disneyland and we are SO glad we went.
We are starting to plan for a trip in January where we just go to Disneyland.
I can't wait for January!


  1. Cute blog Sallie! And cute little girlies! I love Disneyland too! What a fun vacation!

  2. So cute!! I love love love Disney.... those places make me so happy it's almost scary, it's like a toddler watching teletubbies, inexplicable. :-) Your girls are so pretty.


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